Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.

Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.
Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.
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Specifications & Pricing

Thank you for your interest in the Limeport Stadium Billboard Advertising Program. With over 100 games played at the Stadium each season between the months of March through October, and attended by thousands of fans from all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond, a high-quality billboard can be a powerful advertising tool for your business or personal interest. The advertising fees you pay will benefit the preservation of historic Limeport Stadium.

Each sign is hand painted on aluminum sheet metal measuring 6 feet high by 8 feet wide. The sign will be painted, according to your specifications, utilizing a resilient white background, highlighted by color lettering and/or a graphical representation of your company logo or personal message. Each sign will be affixed to the outfield fence, facing the grandstands for easy viewing by all who attend games at the Stadium. Local cable television companies often broadcast games at the Stadium and our billboards are always an important backdrop for the action being covered on the field and televised throughout the Lehigh Valley coverage area.
Pricing for each sign is as follows:
  • $350 covers the cost to produce the sign plus the first full season of advertising. (If your sign is produced after June 1st of any given season, your $350 fee will include the following full season of advertising. A season is defined as: March 1 – October 31st )
  • $200 each additional advertising season. LSI will automatically bill your organization at the end of each season unless we are notified, in writing by December 31st of that calendar year, of your desire not to renew your billboard. Your sign will be removed from the outfield fence prior to the start of the next season.
  • Sign Re-paints or Changes – the advertiser is responsible for the cost of any sign re-paints due to a change in information or as a result of normal wear due to exposure to the elements. It is our estimation that each sign will last, on average, of 4-5 years before requiring a re-paint. The cost for sign re-paints is $250.
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Current Advertiser Listing
Barebo Inc. Coca-Cola/Abarta
County of Lehigh Di & Chris Barebo
G Arden & Dorothy Link Gayle & Tom Cichoki
Global Tel*Link In memory of Richard Schaffer, Sr.
Iron Pigs Charities Jean & Charlie Schaffer
Jeanne & Jimmie Schafer John R Patten
Judy & George Bloeser Larry Linde
Lenny R Patten Link Beverages
Lower Milford Township LV Iron Pigs
PA Senator Pat Brown - Commonwealth of PA QNB Bank
Sherri Miller Southern Lehigh LL Baseball
The Emerson Group The Fulton Family
TW Cooper Insurance Upper Saucon Township
Wayne & Teresa Herber  
Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.
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Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.

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Welcome to Limeport Stadium, Inc.